City of NecropolisZaya_tab
For thirty years, humanity has survived a nuclear winter in an aging underground city. The new generation has grown up in the darkness of the earth, and believe that life can be better, even if they must overthrow the city’s architects to prove it.

Ghost Trippingclown_tab
An orphaned brother and sister run away with the help of a bizarre stranger in a turbulent journey to their childhood home.

as Evan Horne:
The Need to TouchThe Need to Touch by Evan Horne
Max Niego is stuck at home as a deadly pandemic wipes out a third of the population. As the months drag on and his frustrations increase, he weighs his chances of death against his need to touch.
Available in paperback and on Kindle


For Autumnrave_tab
A young executive’s eyes are opened to an alluring underground culture after he meets an enigmatic girl in a café.


A lonely woman chooses to deal with nagging emotions by exiling them to her bedroom closet, where they must learn how to survive without her.